13 Secrets Massage Therapists Know About Your Body

A good relaxing massage can alleviate pains and aches in your body. And for a rejuvenating massage, you always need an expert masseuse.

But did you know your massage therapist knows secrets about your body even you didn’t know? Let’s discuss 13 of them.

Can they tell if you have skin cancer? How do they know you are dehydrated and super stressed? Can they correctly predict back pain? We will be talking about all of this AND more…

1. If your allergies are acting up.

Yeah, no point trying to hide your allergies from your therapists. They will know it instantly.

Therapists are well-experienced and can easily detect if you’re suffering from allergies. Even if you don’t complain!

A well-trained therapist knows how the pressure points around your eyes, cheeks, forehead, and jaw feel.

Just by feeling the tenderness and inflammation at these pressure points, they can judge if you are suffering from annoying allergies.

Swollen lymph nodes under your chin, around your neck, and in your armpits also indicate a viral infection.

With some interrogation, an expert therapist can detect the cause of an underlying infection.

2. If you need a new pillow.

Turns out, expert massage therapists are ninjas when it comes to knowing the problems with your body. Selecting the perfect pillow is a trial and error process.

And even if you get a perfect pillow, it will change shape over time and become unsuitable for you! Your pillows need to be fluffed or replaced regularly.

Sleeping on the wrong pillow or in the wrong position, can leave you with stiffness and pain in the neck.

It can also misalign your spine if you continue to sleep on an unsupported pillow for long. When you complain about neck pain to your therapist, the first thing they will ask about is your sleeping positions.

From there, they will conclude it’s the pillow. Remember a good pillow should never be too old, too firm, or too soft!

3. If you are constipated.

Okay. This really happened!

I was super embarrassed because my massage therapist told me after the session that I might need to add more soluble fiber to my diet.

I kept on wondering how she even knew? All they need to do is touch your stomach.

A constipated stomach is stiff and firm; a good abdominal massage can help move things around. Research shows that abdominal massages are helpful in relieving constipation and abdominal pain.

Your therapists can also suggest a few home exercises and other natural remedies that will help you fight constipation.

4. If you have skin cancer.

If you take regular massages from the same therapist, your therapist knows your skin.

While they are not doctors, they know skin abnormalities better than you. And, their eyes can reach parts of your body you can’t see.

If your therapist observes abnormalities like moles or bright red spots, they may suggest you consult a doctor.

Melanoma, more commonly known as skin cancer, is often characterized by changes in the appearance of a mole, or sudden hyper pigmentation in an area.


Are you finding the list useful so far? Well, this next point will surely surprise you.

5. If you are stressed.

Wondering how the massage therapist recommended you relax and destress out of nowhere? Well, no matter how hard you try, they will always know you’re stressed.

Even if you do not speak a word! How? Because your body shows the obvious signs of stress.

They are experts on picking up very subtle signs like when you’re chatting too much or unable to relax while massage therapy is going on.

Did you know stress is also associated with weight gain and body pain? Now you do!

6. If you have back pain.

Back pain feels like a bad partner that’s just not ready to leave you! Even if you don’t complain, your massage therapist can tell you have it.

Back pain is often caused by bad posture, sitting on a chair for too long, and a physical injury. There are also neurological reasons like blood clots.

When you lie down on the massage table, your therapist will know you’re suffering from back pain by looking at the level of your hips.

If one of your hips is higher than the other one, lower back pain is likely. Also, a deeper curve of your lumbar spine suggests that you have a backache.

By applying pressure and checking the response of your body, the therapist can confirm you are suffering from back pain.

7. If you had any injury as a kid.

You might forget about childhood injuries, like a broken leg or a scar.

But the masseuse will be able to tell that a broken leg is often slightly shorter than the unaffected one.

Your therapist can examine your legs, back, and hands to figure out if any of your childhood injuries are still affecting the quality of your life today.

8. If you work at the computer.

Wondering how your massage therapist knows you have a desk job? The answer is hidden in your body posture.

When you sit with the wrong posture for long hours, whether it’s in front of computers or on a desk studying for hours at a time, your shoulders, neck, and lower back will get strained.

This also causes your shoulders to roll forward. Good massage therapy might help you relax your shoulders and relieve the ache.

Your therapist might also suggest a few stretches that you can do at your work to get relief you from back pain.

9. If you are hormonal.

Yes, your massage therapist knows when you’re hormonal.

Women have sensitive areas in their lower backs known as trigger points. These trigger points reveal a lot about you.

When the therapist massages these areas, they can feel your trigger points being sticky, hot, tense, or rubbery.

10. If you are dehydrated.

Sometimes when you are walking out of the massage room after a relaxing session, the massage therapist might recommend you drink more water.

It seems out of nowhere and you will say yes, but shrug off the advice the very next second. Here’s a piece of advice… listen to them.

They are experts at finding out if your body is dehydrated. There are other trigger points in your upper back that become tender when your body is dehydrated.

Experienced therapists can feel these points and immediately ask you if you had some water before the therapy, and suggest you drink a glass or two.

11. If you are constantly on the phone.

Yep, they know this too! You can’t hide your phone addiction from your massage therapist.

While rubbing your shoulders if you let out a sigh because your shoulders hurt, therapists instantly know that you are straining your neck a bit too much.

When you’re always texting or constantly peeping in your phone, you tend to forget to look up and relax your neck and shoulder muscles.

You can do simple exercises prescribed by your therapists to ease the pain in your shoulders and neck.

12. If you traveled recently.

Wait, what trick is this? How did they know you traveled recently? You didn’t bring your passport.

This is how they know- if you traveled recently for long hours while sitting in the same position, your strained butt muscles and back muscles will show a twisted pattern your therapist will instantly recognize.

They can even tell if you slept with your head hanging and without a pillow during your travel. The strain pattern on your neck will be visible to them.

13. If you are a smoker.

Did your massage therapist politely recommend you to cut back on cigarettes? This is because they can sense your habits.

If you are breathing heavier, harder and deeper during the massage, it’s a sign you are trying to catch your breath.

This is the first tell-tale sign that the person is a heavy smoker.